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Volkswagen Arteon Reviews and Ratings

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    Volkswagen's avant-garde gran turismo, very stylish, interior and exterior very large premium sedan coupé! The ride is not too far from the classic VW style, as the reviews and videos on foreign broadcasts have said and perhaps many of you have guessed. Reliable but sporty driving sense! The riffs look like the 4 Series and the A5. (The new Insignia Gran Sport is actually a rival to Arteon.) Especially the driving dynamics are far behind BMW. In fact, it is more accurate to say driving feeling than dynamics. Because the model with successful chassis and tight dampers does not have any weakness as the road holding. On the contrary, the successful Passat has a successful roadblock that can be clicked. The only downside is a more sensuous ride. But interior widths are class leader. 563 liters of luggage and liftback style make loading and unloading very comfortable.
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    Meanwhile, the wheels in the photo are almost identical to Superb's turbine wheels.
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    The height of the price abroad also leads the disadvantages. Arteon can be purchased in the upper hardware pods; An innovative technology that is currently uncertain to be offered in Turkey is the GPS-communicating LED headlamps. In this case, the headlights can illuminate the road in an optimum way according to the characteristics of the curve taken from the GPS. The new Arteon Turkey starts at $ 278,000 with an initial Elegance 2.0Tdi 150hp. 309hp 2.0di 240hp 4-wheel drive Elegance and R-Line equipment prices are the same. One is a sports style other than luxury. Matter of taste. But the difference of 30bn TL between the extra 90 hp and 4 motion is definitely a visible figure.
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  • It was a very nice review article.
    by rokfor on 2017-06-12
  • Today I saw live in Antalya. It's not as sporty as the photos, but on the contrary, the whale is as big as the box cars.
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