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  • Website who has the following terms of use

    1. Typexp.com is a completely free social networking platform with all contents created by users.

    2. The Site has the right to remove all content and memberships if It's not seen within the framework of 'respect'. Users may use the contact page to notify the site management of the content they believe does not comply with the site rules.

    3. Authors are responsible for their own content, typexp.com administrators can not be held responsible for the content of the writings.

    4. Everyone who is a member of typexp.com has the right to add reviews and to open a new title if it's not existing. Some users may be given moderatorship privileges to help the site operate.

    5. It is not necessary to open different titles for the same product to avoid duplicate pages in which case the content can be moved by the site administrators under the original title.

    6. Other sites can use site content only by showing reference page.

    7. Unsubscribed entries are collected under the name "anonymous" and are posted after the approval of the moderators.

    8. Site management has the right to change the terms of use without notice.
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