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Toyota yaris Reviews and Ratings

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  • In the Otohaber test in 2013, the car was lowered from 0 degrees to 22 degrees in 14 minutes, leaving the Audi A3 (15:44), Fiat Freemont (18.20), Kia Sportage (22 minutes) and Mini Countryman vehicle. Toyota Yaris did not hold up to corolla but I do not understand Corolla users when using Yaris in city ...
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  • Always losing price
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  • It's my second car I used while in the Camry service. Ok Camrynin does not have comfort, silence, but the inside of the city is so delightful that I am afraid that when I go into the parking lot, I bump into the right side of the car. Bi also fills up with a strange peace of mind when it burns little or makes people use the environment.
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  • Our neighbors have a hybrid model and say it's a 4-liter average in the city. I'm his liar. The type is disgusting, meanwhile, the black double color on the blue ... it will be fine if the hill is white instead of black. the guys do not understand from the design or I know a lot ...
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