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Toyota Verso Reviews and Ratings

This page includes Toyota Verso reviews, Toyota Verso recommendations, customer review, comments, ratings, questions and answers about Toyota Verso 2013 toyota verso,2014 toyota verso,2015 toyota verso,2016 toyota verso,2017 toyota verso , What is Toyota Verso ? Anyone using Toyota Verso ? Should i buy 2013 toyota verso,2014 toyota verso,2015 toyota verso,2016 toyota verso,2017 toyota verso , Do you recommend Toyota Verso and Toyota Verso complaints.

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  • 1.6 132hp variable valve timed and trouble-free durable with a sturdy LPG compatible engine. I make 700km on the 500km long road with 100TL in the city. If it is a diesel, it will not burn less. Moreover, there is no turboseless injector ... and the price is also. Toyota does not use diesel at all. He does not draw on the ramp on the long way ... he found the lie 132 hp, it is definitely not slower than the series. Already the insulation is also good, although a few turns around, does not get much sound inside. It is a wonderful family car with a very spacious luggage, a very light, low-burning, high-speed road that gives you confidence. I would recommend it to everyone.
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  • The diesel is already on sale. Toyotan's Avensiste is at the service of BMW's Verso, BMW's 1 series (formerly used). What I needed most was a diesel engine, which in my opinion was the result of this beautiful BMW engine. A unit with an average consumption of 6 liters. The intake is in line with expectations ... So what if a 1.6 diesel engine is going to be so little, not much. The only down left is now automatic transmission. Toyota does not go for cheap automats anymore because it used to attract a lot of automobiles and damaged its brand image very much. That leaves him in the middle. Either use a high-quality, modern gearbox like the ZF and it will increase or even increase the cost of sales. I think it's the greatest requirement of a good automatic Verso, at least as an option.
  • Verso is a beautiful vehicle. 2014 I use 1.6 diesel. Mixed fuel average 5.5 lt. Good grip: excellent Comfort: very good Sound insulation: mediocre. The road sound is more than I expected and uncomfortable Driving: Sor comfortably, soft and easy
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  • Bende 2011 1.6 132 hp verso I recommend the vehicle as owner, the driver's trusting structure is not out of the way even at high speeds, the car luggage volume is wide back seats can move back and forth, in case of being bi does not give any trouble in the circulation we do not make any fallacians recommend anyone.
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  • I am a commercial taxi driver I am a trafige driver in 3 months 2016 I do not think it's as strong as an old version but at 15000 km there is a pressure pad change in the pilot and there is a tongue in the back of the torso eyes.
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