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  • 1.2 turbocharged petrol and 1.8 VWi hybrid with 2 engine options on sale. 1.2 turbo petrol engine 83bin TL 1.8vvti Hybrid 98binTL 'in sale. (Moreover, 1.8% of the engine is a hybrid unit, not 90% -45% of the ÖVT is added, and the price advantage is derived from this) The effect of the government's new electric vehicle ÖVT regulation is great, Regulatory tax brackets are compatible with Toyota's 1.8 hybrids. Obviously it is obvious that you will benefit from the excise taxation system to Toyota and this vehicle. Toyota Prius, which uses the same engine in the same way, seems to be sold more in our country.
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  • CH-R SUV not C-crossover
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  • Bravo
    by focuST on 2016-11-15
  • CH-R but not C-HR
    by Feralso on 2016-12-16
  • At the end of the atomic ...
    by anonymous on 2017-02-06
  • I think this is wrong "Coupe- High Rider."
    by anonymous on 2017-03-12
  • Hybrid automatic transmission with 98000TL. 1.2 straight gearbox with 83000TL. So the difference of TL 15bn includes not only the burning of the hybrid and its performance, but also the comfort of automatic transmission. I think it's worth it.
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  • I started to get the taste of driving. I think that the steering wheel gives you a good grip on your hand. The price is excellent in terms of performance. I bought a 1.2 petrol manual. It is a tool that reminds you of your youth when you are sick.
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  • Did you test the fuel situation?
    by anonymous on 2016-12-09
  • Tofas falcon is at least as much indigenous as C-hr. The whole world will be exported only from Adapazari.
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  • Stylish yet powerless narrow luggage and rear space are overly expensive compared to urban high fuel gasoline
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  • I am very pleased with the fuel consumption ...
    by anonymous on 2016-12-29
  • Powerless? It is very obvious that you have not seen and tested the vehicle ... Yes the baggage is a little tight ... The biggest surprise is that you do not test the vehicle. The rear space is narrower than the rear. The rear part is definitely not narrow. I have a light problem due to the small size of the rear windows. What you have understood is that the fuel consumption is very high ... The car started to be delivered at the end of November and immediately commented in January ... My fuel consumption is now 7.1 and my brother Nissan burns 11.4 with Kashgai diesel ... Also, out of town to extinguish the party ... You can now calculate ...
    by anonymous on 2017-02-06
  • Which company's salesperson is I can not stop deceiving the people..It is an excellent tool ..
    by anonymous on 2017-02-10
  • By troll ... A sincere and naughty commentary ..
    by anonymous on 2017-02-13
  • It is obvious that it is a troll ... Where is overly expensive ... You do not know the price of other vehicles ... Apparently ... All the cars are expensive now ... All of this is included ... But if you are weak and the fuel consumption is excessive you have proved that it is troll you would ....
    by anonymous on 2017-03-08
  • I bought my car from Erzurum and I have been using it for about 1 month ... Now the average fuel consumption varies between 6.9 and 7.4. - I saw 35 degrees and I am very satisfied with my fuel consumption. As I used to drive two cars before the train and I usually use the car in the city, my problem with the particulate problem is now overwhelmed me ... This car has got the feeling of road grip, driving pleasure, steering precision, sound system, I am very pleased with the quality of the materials used in the JBL sound system, the engine noise, the insulation and the interior. The 1.87 and the head and knee distance on the side are fine. I would like to open a separate parenthesis for the road holding of the vehicle in particular. The road holding of this vehicle is excellent in one word ... I think that this vehicle is the only one missing the option of glass ceiling .... It is a situation that is changing personally .... As a result, a solid car
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  • We use it in such a way that there is no fuel consumption.
    by anonymous on 2017-03-03
  • anonymous 03-03-2017 I think the seller is yours ... Also I am not the owner of that article but ... It is a mind-boggling ... What is the fuel of the Toyota's fuel is 3 down 5 up front .... We do not have such a fuel consumption If you are using this tool anyway ..... Fraudulent trickster ....
    by anonymous on 2017-03-09
  • do not you hear the sound of the response when the gaza is pressed to help in the engine sound part?
    by anonymous on 2017-07-05
  • I bought a 1.2 turbo petrol dynamic 4x4 model about 10 days ago, especially when the car is stopped, as the model designer says, it feels like it's on the move, it's an interesting detail, the most striking feature is the design and handling. road grip is excellent and the double swing independent suspension of course is unda big in effect. - maybe you can hear the engine sound after 100 km from the mirror etc. another piece can be comfortable for no sound. - the interior design is enormous. especially the cobalt blue line shows the integrity to the sides of the vehicle. - not to mention the numerous hardware in the car - fuel consumption is just over 8lt when the vehicle is in the running season. around because I usually use it in the city. - if you come to the back side of the car, the general blood is narrow, etc. I set my boy to 1.80 and the ideal driving position is quite wide as the rear side sleeps as my wife and son are moving very comfortably behind. yes the rear windows are small but this is a concession from giving coupes to the look, but also gives an extraordinary sense of security to the passengers on the back side. - the vehicle's acceleration and acceleration are fine, even if you are aggressive on the first take off the vehicle is seriously hurting. The 1.2-liter engine is good enough with the turbo. - the gear shifts are really tremendous, you do not. - the rear luggage, we are a family of 3, and it is enough for us as long as you do not use the luggage for commercial purposes. - the sound system is fine, it offers clean and lively sound quality. If only I wish I was in the glass ceiling, the glass ceiling would open up to the room would have been really super. In general, I would recommend anyone who has been a model of Toyota that has gone through 7-8 years. Do not be fooled by negative comments are people who make sure you are not even riding Google professor in most cars. I would recommend it comfortably.
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  • Is not 8 lt too much for 1.2 engine?
    by anonymous on 2017-01-28
  • I have found the most satisfying of you in the comments I have read, and I believe that I am 1.8hybrit I hope.
    by anonymous on 2017-02-05
  • I agree with you until the end ... The car smells of quality everywhere ... It is a very powerful and magnificent vehicle ... The back is never narrow and it gives a great relief to the shape
    by anonymous on 2017-02-11
  • I took 1.2 gasoline a month I was very pleased that they used the critics who wonder why I did not use cars that do not use chr
    by anonymous on 2017-02-26
  • Within a month they were going to sell the hybrid model. So in February 2017
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  • While the world appreciates the back part of the car, we still watch videos on YouTube and comment on it ... The cuts we get are cut and paste ... We come back ... The biggest disadvantage of the Suv and C-crossover vehicles is the long way ... How Does? important problems that can disturb people in the long way, such as the passengers sitting in the rear, especially in the curved roads, can be very disturbing in the long way ... This problem is completely removed from the CHR .... This is why the rear side is positioned as a little buried friends ... Tell me about you ... When I set the ideal sitting position in the driver's seat at 1.82 and the driver's seat, I can sit comfortably at the back ... Come on, tell our human being ... It seems that domestic production has created an atmosphere of great unrest ... Do not throw this last sentence in the wild ....
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  • Thank you for your comment ... I've searched for your ideas and proved the correctness. The rear side angle is really designed for this purpose .... I use the BMW X1 and no one wants to sit too long in the back .... we took the car and especially the driving pleasure is great ... The back side knee and head distance are satisfactory .... It seems like a little flat but it is not a problem .... Also our car is burning 6.4 in the city right now and we are very happy .... Our luggage there is no volume constraint because it is repair kit ... The interior and exterior design is really perfect for me ... The colors and pleasures are never discussed .... Thank you TOYOTA .....
    by anonymous on 2017-02-08
  • Wow, you get under 1.80 in size
    by anonymous on 2017-05-08
  • Buy Toyota, put the oil and water ... Then smoothly add up for years, my brother ... Toyota has already produced the car of your future ... It is hard to grasp this vehicle to the people of my country (Internet trolls) ... But I claim this vehicle looking closely, touching the inner panel and driving the test drive no longer looks at any car in this segment .... Welcome to our home ....
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  • Peugeot 3008 and toyota chr yi i have tested and karip peugeot 3008 because 3008 was so successful from all sides that i did not see it in chr
    by anonymous on 2017-08-13
  • My life is a color CHR ... I think I will not give up Toyota until the end of my life .... I have been taking this car for 3 months ....... This is the first place to have a car .... I need to live CHR ... Diesel in my partner Polo But ... you are tired of the particle filter problem. The service says that you should use the new generation of diesel vehicles in the city cycle ... Our people are very unconscious about this particulate problem ... When you use it with speed, you increase your risk of crashing and doubling your fuel consumption. ... When you say that overfuel is mainly due to excessive fuel consumption, Diesel does not have any advantage ... The service for diesel is always going out of the city for cars ... I have not seen such bullshit in my life .... the price of diesel is literally almost the same with gasoline ... It is very difficult to understand our people .... We like education and we value our car preferences in the same category. we are moving with the information ... Never be surprised at the gasoline ... Calculate your annual consumption and all usage conditions well ....
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  • Everyone mentioned the particulate filter problem I am using diesel too What is the problem
    by anonymous on 2017-08-12
  • If someone is not taking the CHR's petrol models, go to the nearest Toyota dealer, test drive and come in and say the incredible man from that commentary .... I tested it today in Trabzon Ayyıldız bayis, but I wish I could not pass if the luggage volume was a little bigger ... Although the competitors were a bit too much after all ... I also found the internal volume of the vehicle and especially the upper and knee distance of the rear seats quite adequate .... Conclusion: An entire car has taken its head off the prices ....
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  • I read a few comments below and wanted to write a few sentences .... I am a really uncommon community in the face of particle problems and getting car ... It is really a serious problem for the users of the city and many people are getting rid of the vehicle immediately in the face of this problem. .. We pay so much money and do not sit and make smart calculations .... If you are using your car intensively in the city, your diesel vehicle will constantly bring out the particulate problem ... In order to survive this situation you have to use your diesel vehicle slowly and in this case you are making speed in the city. ..Nissan qashgai I am driving a diesel vehicle and the vehicle gives continuous particle warning ... Service and customer service suggests that city users make at least 70 km of roads at least once a month. This situation is not accepted or unbelievers are served as if there is a diesel car and customer service In short, a particle filter of a new generation of diesel cars is really an important reason to cool down by human .... 1.2 An important factor that triggers the increase in the sales of vehicles is particle filter .... Bird tax is of course .... Technically a I have a lot of factors but I do not want to go too far ... I have tested this tool and I like it very much ... As a people of Turkey, people are a group of nice people who open the door of bread. Be pleased with the Japanese from God .... If I could help people a little or share them with them what a happy one .... Please be conscious of taking the car ... Do not be fooled by the small fuel consumption values ​​you see and do not burn twice as much as me ....
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  • My friend bought the gasoline a few months ago and I bought the Hybrid model 1 week ago ... I wish I had bought the gasoline for me. I already started .. There is a serious performance difference ... The steering sensitivities are different .. Directly towards the CHR. ...Spectacular...
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  • I observe the same situation.
    by anonymous on 2017-02-14
  • GOD I can use accidentally, my brother, I can use the vehicle in the car, I can use the hybrid model up to 60 km in the MERAK EDIORUM hybrid model. After 60 km, the fuel performance is 60 km away. I gave up a bit like a hybrid model. I can not go with 60 km from KAYAHYA.
    by anonymous on 2017-02-18
  • After an average of 60 km outside the city, the Hybrid is burning too ... I think Hybrid is a full Istanbul or even a Bosporus bridge car. The petrol CHR is Tiguan, Tuscon. I think that CRV and Qashgai burn less gasoline ... I never brand these brands ... I think all cars are beautiful .... Just Toyota is the smoothest car in all the statistics in the world ... Put your oil and water in the bin for years.
    by anonymous on 2017-03-05

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