Toyota Avensis 3.generation Reviews

Toyota Avensis 3.generation reviews, ratings
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Toyota Avensis 3.generation Reviews and Ratings

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  • the new avensis is definitely more performant than its predecessor. I have not been amazed by avensis for years. the latest model also welcomes expectations. but if you take a toyota, I think you should take a straight gear. automatic gear is not very efficient
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  • 2016 1.6d I used 1.6 diesel with 4d ie Bmw engine. A mediator from every direction. Exciting, comfortable, spacious ... what features are left in my mind ??? I think the console design is good, although it looks completely stylish, despite the color of the cabin completely black. Apart from that, the 112 hp 1.6 diesel comes out with 1550kg. And in a D-class car, the top speed of 185 km / h with the 6-speed manual gearbox is unfortunately insufficient. I will not be able to go to the 180 degree freeway and I will not be able to go freely ... I have not investigated, but I think it should be an aerodynamics of less than 0.3 degree, so low speed ... The biggest increase of the car is very successful failurelessly. It is not hard to imagine that the same problem can continue in this casket as it is not a different model of the previous generation which is already a successful vehicle in this koon, but an improved model ... see Also this new design certainly has not happened. As the headlight approaches, it's not a skyscraper-like design. I started to do the same thing at BMW at insistent x3-x5 and soon they will fix it with makeup .... how does 1.6 diesel convert to direct gear avensis? It's burning like a 1,550kg 1.6 diesel. I caught an average of 5.8 liters on 120 km of road, which I used in urban but traffic-free traffic. It seems to be a little less than a smooth ride.
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  • The most beautiful direction is the vibration-free operation. He does not even feel you're working. Even if you press the Start button for the first time, it is difficult to understand. The concept of the clutch is extremely soft, ie no hardness causes uncomfortable vibration. It is also nice to be 6 forward. It is difficult to park but it is imposing and beautiful vehicle.
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