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Tesla Model S Reviews and Ratings

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  • It is obvious that it is technologically in the present day, but it is said that it is not like a series of driving qualities, which is a very big deficiency. The website is very successful. https://www.tesla.com/models All models are overly fast, but the 762-hp p90d is shocking. The range varies between 300-500 km depending on model and usage. How much is Tesla burning the answer to the question of today's electricity prices when calculating a low-burning c-segment of the diesel car we can say about 2 3 2. It's not too much, but if we think about performance, it's too little. The Model S's p90d reaches 100e in under 3 seconds, and Lamborghini, ferrari can hit the most supercar and most of the time. See the fastest clash with Lambo aventador
    Quiet (at least in the car) 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds
  • Meanwhile, with an option called Ludicrous Mode (71hp plus power), it becomes 762hp.
  • The first native video test came from the car park. I look forward to watching you for lunch ............
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  • We would like to thank Doğucan Bey for his detailed and Turkish review.
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