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Subaru Legacy Reviews and Ratings

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  • One of the least faulty automobiles is better than most Toyotan models in this regard.
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  • I use SW Legacy the same as the photo above 3 years. Diesel model not very well. It has a 2.0 diesel engine. It produces 150 horsepower and 350 nt of torque. Fuel consumption in the city (Istanbul) 6.4 liters. On the long way, of course, depending on the speed you are going to and the slope of the road, it ranges from 4.8 to 6.6. The vehicle is constantly 4x4 and smooth as other Subarular. The grip is great. It gives confidence to enter the bends a little faster. Interior quality is satisfactory. Sound system is not very good, but it works. There are features such as electric, heated seats, automatic folding mirrors, rain-head light sensors, etc. The price / performance ratio is a very good tool. I advise.
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  • Subaru legacy 2002 rs 3.0 6 cylinder Please inform me about this car .... I am waiting for your fuel performance vs your cebaps
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  • The fuel burns up to 2 liters of a 3-liter car unexpectedly uncomfortable But the essence of the car burns a 245hp car :) Four forward gears are economically disadvantaged but nevertheless enjoy powerfully performance. Moreover, the voice is very pleasant. In the meantime, there is a model of 220 hp, but the power I know is 245 hp
    by elise111s on 2017-07-25
  • 2002 model rs 3.0 1500 dolars 100.000 km I found .... I need to report until tomorrow, I said I need to get it right away ... I am writing from the south side of the steering wheel ... I understand from the cars more or less, but subarugar bi brand information is not easily reached ....
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  • Subaru comes with Toyotay, one of the world's most problem-free automobiles. The 3-liter engine with high traction and 4-wheel drive will provide you with confidence and pleasure in all circumstances. Roadholding is a very successful vehicle. 100000km is too little one km and the 2002 model car is able to find 100000 km vehicles. It is clear that the wear on the inner part of the pedals is 100000 km. In a vehicle like the 100,000 Legacy, there should be fewer abrasions to try. If the care is done regularly, it will serve you for many years without any problems.
    by elise111s on 2017-07-25

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