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  • program that you can find almost all songs live on internet but can not serve in turkey due to license agreements
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  • absolutely unbeatable program. while you were not serving tr at the same time. tunnel bear lardan. the only problem is that if you open an account via facebook you can not continue via email if you cancel facebook. so I had to open an account from scratch. all my playlists gone.
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  • lyric leri mobile app will also show super
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  • the market is now a monopoly brand, but the quality of the stream is not enough for music lovers.
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  • No more competitors can try. If they do lossless publishing, they leave behind other competitors as well. Offline listening is the most important feature of premium. I would definitely recommend it.
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  • The ads are getting longer as the time goes on. Now the song can only be heard in mixed form. it started to become antipyastic. They still do not get lyrics again
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  • self-cooling app that gives free access to chrome cast
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  • 3 / 5
    he is not alone now, many competition in music streaming industry such as itunes tidal deezer etc... They couldnt solve lyric problem yet. Lossless format is getting much more trending where tidal is really active.
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