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Skoda Octavia RS Reviews and Ratings

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  • 2liter tfsi vw motor The 19k magnificent wheels are very tight with 4 different driving modes and completely sporty tuned engine. (There is also a 2 liter 184hp diesel rs.) If you do not use the diesel in the heliki sport mode, the diesel does not have the feeling of a high vehicle like a normal 2 liter diesel. But gasoline is a different gas, and the excitement of high circulation is another. As the diesel rolls over, the gasoline is rolled as it rolls, even if it is turbo, it adds excitement to the job. When you overtake a vehicle on a long distance road, you can not stop the gas so fast that the car is accelerating so it is standard family cars 1.6 dice etc .. 140 it will probably make you suddenly see more than 200 times during these times. So the feeling of being able to catch up with you is very strong. 230 liters of fuel 2 liters do not seem to think much. But according to the ride, there is a variable consumption of turbos. The city is changing according to the press from 11 to 15. It's very hard to get under 10 liters. 7-8 liters on long way possible. It also depends on the ability to capture 230hpyi.
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