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  • It's a fast-paced vehicle that's never expected to be so fast. As someone who has used the 2004 skoda fabia, speed and driving pleasure are greatly increased and the new fabia keeps the way much more tight. I'm talking about skoda fabia 1.2 tsi dsg den. The small class is the newest fabia in the first row in the least-burning class of petrol cars. both attack and little can burn. The Fiesta 1.0 is cheaper than the cheap Clio 1.2TCE from EcoBoost, and there is no extra minus. 7 forward dsg works very well. quiet and fast, the click-through gears are up, without looking at the bi-7. Footnote: I did not have 1.6 diesel that I did not take off
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  • interior space is high and spacious small class vehicle. The 1.2 tsi engine is very economical. The dsg gearbox and fuel are very good. I can make an average of 850 kilometers with a warehouse. Mixed use outside the city.
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  • April 2017 buyer fabia user turbo engine vag group vehicles vW patented 1.2 cc machine on a good middle class vehicle that can be taken in performance / price performance warming and acceleration characteristics according to atmospheric tools good torque power 1400-4000 dd The DSG nin motor adaptation is very good economical and the sport version is very good. In economy driving, you can not imagine to consume 5.6lt / 100km in the city when you use the accelerator pedal. but I think it will be difficult to make high premiums like other brands because second-hand sales are low prices because brand sense is lower than other European producers
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