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Skoda Citigo Reviews and Ratings

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  • Citigo is a very successful vehicle in Europe. The Citigo sales were stopped in Turkey in 2015, as a Class A vehicle was not very popular in Turkey (due to the fact that we are a society that does not like to park and make less fuel). In this case, the price starts from 30 thousand TL and then 36-37 thousand TL has a big role in the rise. The practicality of Citigo is a very convenient vehicle for urban use with its interior width and low-burning petrol automatic combination. It would be sensible for ministers to decide at least a second Citigot in an auto-gasoline car that burns in the city.
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  • Hi friends I am thinking of buying Skoda Citigo. I think that this tool will provide convenience for the receiver in my city. It is a good choice especially for beginner drivers like myself. I can also say that it is an advantage to have automatic gear. It seems to be saving in fuel. It is very ideal for a lady. I would like to recommend your friend 35.000 TL
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  • I think a car in Europe is a very good choice. If a car is fitted with a Lpg, it burns less on a motorcycle.
    by anonymous on 2017-08-07

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