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This page includes Renault Captur reviews, Renault Captur recommendations, customer review, comments, ratings, questions and answers about Renault Captur Renault Captur 1.5 dci,Renault Captur 1.2 otomatik,2016 Renault Captur,2017 Renault Captur , What is Renault Captur ? Anyone using Renault Captur ? Should i buy Renault Captur 1.5 dci,Renault Captur 1.2 otomatik,2016 Renault Captur,2017 Renault Captur , Do you recommend Renault Captur and Renault Captur complaints.

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  • My car I have been using for 6 months. Usage: High-ride from the ground is enjoyable in the city, Wide range of wings, Suspension hard, Not suitable for terrain even if the name is outdor. Technology: Internet connected information display, voice dialing is convenient, with tomtom navigation installed, navigation all the city pharmacies, markets, restaurants, schools ... etc registered, great convenience when needed. The inner sound isolate is very successful, even though it is diesel, it does not sound at the level that will disturb you inside. It is not a waste engine, but it does not give you the impression that it will leave you half way. The fuel is pretty good, I made 5,000 km in the city, an average 100 km is 4.6 liras, you can easily see 100 km, 3.5 liters between cities. The luggage volume is sufficient, the rear passenger seat, the front passenger seat can move forward like a wholesale bajajda extra 100 liters loading area. this way the luggage is 470 lite, which is the average of the c segment SUVs. The only advantage is that I use it on the icy floor, which allows the wheels to move independently of each other in the frost and sandy skies that are only in the outdor hardware.
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  • Renault Captur has become an outdoor-style vehicle. I ran a test drive. The most welcome side was r-link. The voice command and the phone connection are very successful. Also the suspension shock absorption is successful. The fuel is so successful that despite the obvious hard drive in the test drive, the 5.3 average is very good. But in order to keep the price of the vehicle low, the quality of the material is kept low so it is not a wrong choice. The car is a full-styled car, while the SUV looks exactly like the x-over. I think there is no other diesel cars that can be bought at these prices.
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  • Last month he was makeup. While it is not make-up, many make-ups are made up, their deficiencies are eliminated and critics are taken into consideration, but Renault's Captur makeup is only finished with a few cosmetic interventions, just plugging the LED headlights. Neither sound insulation is corrected nor workmanship flaws .....
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