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Rainbow vacuum cleaner Reviews and Ratings

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  • Does a broom cost between 2000 and 3000 dollars?
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  • I am a mess when I bought a mature motor if you want a bid 2000 tl .. ONA GORE ALINN
    by anonymous on 2016-08-24
  • my beloved friends, I am a user of the rainbow of thirteen. Although I understand the third time that the first repetition is an exaggeration of all the presentation and warranty that the customer representative told about the Rainbow, I made a big mistake and bought the second machine. I saw that the exaggerations about the writing machine were just the same. you can get a good quality broom that they say they want £ 81 for the change of the bearing that helps the engine work, if the engine guarantee is 8 years old and you will have almost 4 years of guarantee on these brooms.If you continue to use and renew a broom in four years, You will get a second hand carousel and you will get pasha pasha you will give to the rainbow, you will reach the price I will fall to my mistake !!!!!!! The rainbow is heard through the curiosity ...
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  • actually the machine is very good. I used senelerce. I just had trouble changing the belt. but to give this much money to the vacuum cleaner mu ??
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  • rainbow! you need to think a lot while taking 3500 euros entrances zeros a little read and write if you know internete enter rainbow vacum cleaner see summer prices. I could not understand how yaw 1000 dollars is going to be 3500 euros in our turkey. I can not understand that they are bringing stakes.
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  • Would you please share the link to the zero rainbow un sold thousand dollars ...
    by anonymous on 2016-09-04
  • they all sweep the same so do not give me that much money ...
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  • I did not remove the vacuum cleaner and I did not get it because it was expensive after cleaning the whole house :) but that cleaning is enough for me 10 years :)
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  • At home, keep the carpet at least one carpet and get this tool as well as how the asthma remains and what the allergies have in room smells as well as the house loaded into the kokutuo.
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  • 150,200 normal water-filtered vacuum cleaner sees your business, who gives you so much money
    by anonymous on 2016-07-27
  • Okay, the market is the best, but at this point, the watery vacuum of a quality brand is doing very well. I got a juicy sururge of karcher brand. both more practical and cheaper. I would recommend to you as well.
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  • They said there was a broom at 150-200. They probably never think of their health. Broom rug, if the bacteria from the ground do not penetrate the germ-packed dust with good filters. The filth coming out of the broom will again fill the whole house. At the very least, a powerful vacuum cleaner with good filtering, such as the Philips Marathon, works much cheaper. We have been using it for 6 years without clicking.
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  • I think Rainbow is the only system that does the cleaning but I recommend you to buy it from a dealer who is right, honest, and answers the phone when you are called and teaches you how to use it correctly ...
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  • If you can see the Rainbow and still use a broom with a DUST BATTERY, it means the Rainbow is NOT MEANING. It would be useful to get it from a proper dealer. So much money, can you price your health?
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  • 05325004495 helper to give authorized repairman who makes suitable repair for rainbow
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  • 800euro repair price wanted rainbow surprised from the unfortunate 05325004495 no dan came the master came to the machine to do the pril 25 years repairman and seller changed the engine to the engine .. made very convenient ALLAH RAZI OLSUN
    by anonymous on 2017-01-06
  • I have been using it for 13 years and I am grateful for the difference between the two housewives and asthma attacker and also thanks to the owner of the machine for repairing ... I really want to give you 13 days to repair the machine. I wanted € 420 for the electronic card, € 250 for the engine or 05325004495 I sent the cargo from ankara.
    by anonymous on 2017-05-19
  • We also have familial reasons. It is a good broom but it never prices it. Rainbow Turkey implements exorbitant price policy both in product sales and in service. Company members are also sticky. If you're out of the door, they're pushing the sickle. Go buy another brand of normal sweeps and you'll get money for this company.
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  • I chose it because it is a little baby in my house. I have used it for 7/8 years. I have used it for repairing. I came to repair it with a high price. I have found a half price guarantee. I gave it 3 years warranty. I recommend this master for repair 05325004495 .. I got a repairman wire without getting a neighboring broom I wish healthy days
    by anonymous on 2017-02-16
  • You can find the Vacuum Cleaner Review Videos here
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  • my friend this fakirin videosu this page contains reviews of related products
    by anonymous on 2017-04-13
  • friends I have worked in this firm for 5 years I have not been looking for you I have not gotten the care of your mothers Your mother is not special for the day Your father is your private day Be careful do not bleed Your machine does not have 1000 yr cost There is no cost 18000 There is no cost for the phone No new product will take this cost of the new fall they do not do 500 TL, they defraud the nation very bad, they own their own Muslims, they go on living in the possession of the fettullah blur, do not believe that your money is not your belief that you can do ali tunga
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  • Rainbow's owner is not Ali Tunga. This is wrong information. Why have you worked for five years so bad in this firm? Why are you evil now where you have eaten bread for five years?
    by anonymous on 2017-09-11

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