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  • When you are seated inside you can expect disappointment if you are high. At least until the ride. Especially the quality of the steering column is not the leather, I think it is plastic (bad, not a bad ford, this steering may look good). Apart from that, the workmanship and material are generally successful, which is unthinkable. The ride is a real Porsche. It's not a suv or anything, you know, a cornering car. It's almost gone, and it's bending off formally. The brakes are beyond terror, there is no feeling of fatigue, no fatigue at all. The steering reaction is not like SUV, there is no looseness. The biggest problem, however, is that even the smallest options that you add for personalizing your car attract the price too high. If you do not add it, it becomes an empty vehicle. In short, the selling price given in base price is a meaningless price. I need to add at least 50 billion tl on it, at least ...
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