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Porsche Cayanne Reviews and Ratings

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  • Except for the boring diesel engine, there is no relation to SUV with very fast steering, handling, stability, ability to bend even with braking. It's very exciting to use fast, but at the same time a very reassuring Porsche. In the steering you are clear and you can play with your big tool on your finger. Even the little SUVs are not that nimble. Even the famous CX5 feels like cream after cayanne. The engine may seem to be fast for first time users, but it only turns off at low speed and then goes off immediately. The classic diesel. The gears are growing fast, but the acceleration is unpleasant. The turbo petrol engine fits the cayanne, but it burns like an animal. 3.0 diesel 100km in a small round stone cracks 100 liras burns can burn in full gas. turbo roughly calculated if you use 250-300 pounds burns hard. In addition, the maintenance of the engine components is 2-3 times more expensive than the engine.
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