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    Use ORDERFOX.com as an additional resource to increase optimum capacity and reduce downtime, while continuing to build upon your CNC business success.

    ORDERFOX.com is the solution for you if:

    You are looking for additional CNC work on short notice when you have capacity
    You are looking to outsource work when you lack in-house capacity, or a machine is down
    You are looking for additional CNC work locally and global
    You are searching for specific jobs, perfectly tailored to your company
    You want a search resource similar to Google, etc., but developed specifically with your industry in mind
    You want to use entry into the worlds' of digitisation and Industry 4.0 to your competitive advantage
    You are looking to provide a professional solution to your day-to-day problems
    You want to identify new market developments early in order to make the right strategic business decisions, e.g. regarding investments, manufacturing trends, personnel, etc.
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