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Opel Astra G Reviews and Ratings

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  • i am living in dormitory i can say that ı have bought the most smooth car
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  • If you do not use it for 2 years, change the pump and water pump in just 80 thousand.
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  • There is a 1.4 TwinPort ASTRA 2006 with the exception of the traction vehicle. It is a very successful car without any problems. it may be an escrit now. Price of lgp liter in shuan: it costs 2.40 TL and 1km cost 0.220 ykr.
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  • I am using 1.6 elegance auto. The engine is 400.000 km without a key in the gearbox. There is no burning. There is no problem. If you do regularly, you will see 1,000,000 km.
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