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This page includes Nissan Pulsar reviews, Nissan Pulsar recommendations, customer review, comments, ratings, questions and answers about Nissan Pulsar 2017 nissan pulsar,2018 nissan pulsar,nissan pulsar 1.5 dci,nissan pulsar 1.2 xtronic , What is Nissan Pulsar ? Anyone using Nissan Pulsar ? Should i buy 2017 nissan pulsar,2018 nissan pulsar,nissan pulsar 1.5 dci,nissan pulsar 1.2 xtronic , Do you recommend Nissan Pulsar and Nissan Pulsar complaints.

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  • The Nissan Pulsar 1.5 Dci was a 110 hp test driver who first felt like I was in a big car of the 2010 model, as if it were my first impression. What is 2016 is a new Nissan that makes this interior. Especially the front chest is like a dull old qashqai interior. I think that it is more enjoyable to make comfortable journey here, especially when the rear seats of the vehicle are not particularly spacious. Before the car moves, it makes me say that the shows are not too bad. He's making the famous greeting. The designs are stylishly simple. I noticed that the shock absorbers that would absorb the spacious cabin of the car without any sound would be supported by passing through the pit and fugitive area at the exit of the dealer. The shock absorbers are really quiet and comfortable. When the straight road goes up, the engine revolves very nicely and easily lifts it to 130 pounds. Already the engine did not feel like it was the same as the 1.5 fluence engine I used before, but the gear ratios are much longer than the fluence of 100 km / h with 1700d / d and 6 vitsters can only go with 130 at 2200devir for both zero motor noise and high speed economy . This also supports comfort. This vehicle liked himself in the outmoded interior. It can be a very enjoyable tool for a long way. The middle of the test drive is still a good value compared to the 7-liter but gassed drive. Nissan Pulsar is a friend I like. The price is also competitive according to competitors. In the meantime, the first writing I need to write the last of the vehicle in addition to familiar visia and tekna hardware, there is also N-tec top equipment. Visia is really empty. Nissan Connect Multimedia system, Navigation 5.8 display, auto headlights, keyless entry, 16 alloy wheels, etc. are not in this hardware. But it could be that if you do not think the price of 59 billion pounds would be.
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  • nissan pulsar is the most spacious car in its class The most comfortable car in the class is good as the engine is turned on in the fall I have fallen right now my car nissan pulsat tekna 1.2 100km at 4.9-5.4 average burns very pleased I am very bendede at first bendede but look at the motorcycle see these fuel values .. i am very pleased to get the nissan micra and i have taken the pulsar and got the good i got from the i30 and opel arad better than golf golf
    by anonymous on 2017-04-15
  • I bought my car 15 days ago and went to the service 3 times in 15 days, the most flabby vehicle I ever saw in my life
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  • As the Nissans increase the ad, it seems like they have reduced the quality. A friend of mine who used a juke had to take the zero tool twice to the service in 2 months.
    by anonymous on 2016-12-22
  • I was thinking about buying a 1.5 diesel pulsar and changing my car, but I went in favor of the chassis and design, but when I was unstable, the prices went up to their competitors a little higher.
    by anonymous on 2016-12-28
  • I bought a 1.2 xtronic visia model in August 2016. The fuel is burning between 11 to 13 liters per 100 km of city gasoline at very disastrous levels. Long way Samsun went to Ankara I went to Eco mode open average speed 96 km Despite this, 100 km between cities consumed 5.7 Lt. I ask the servise the first 10 thousand burns. Hele does not even go 10 km in the city with 1 liter of gasoline.
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  • Intercity 5.7 liters is good at an average speed of 96 km. I also have the xtronic and a generic city average of 7.5 liters. 11-13 liters too much. And the first 10 bins are not that much different. If the route you are using is going downhill and with a cold engine and the tires are 20-13 falans 11-13 it is otherwise impossible.
    by anonymous on 2017-01-10
  • Bendede got the same problem, I got the xtronic techno on December 2nd. It burns 100 km in the city 11-13. I did not go 350 miles with a warehouse. I took the servise, they left a lot of lying stuff. I'm afraid to get in the car
    by anonymous on 2017-01-22
  • I'm using the same vehicle but you do not burn as much as you say you do not have to use it without using the city downtown closed traffic on a lot of vehicles burn it so do not take into consideration the petrol gasoline 5.7 5.1 normal
    by anonymous on 2017-04-15
  • Nissan Tronic Tekna I bought the white automobiles at the end of July. In August, the tampon and the plastic paint on the roof were yellow color. Although we have to go to the fence and have been writing and spoken many times, they did not even get the answer. The last 15 days, we were able to paint again the places where we were able to paint the carrots again. It is an unacceptable situation that this paint has been sold without making the stability tests on the HRTM plastic and metal surface. The attitude of a customer is a professionally unattractive attitude that will show up to a brand. The interest and interest is not only in the interest of the seller, but afterwards. I never get Nissan again. I do not recommend it to anyone.
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  • Many brands are nowadays like this, I think that even when the warranty time is up, we should repair the brand car owners serwise and repair them free of charge due to fabricating mistakes.
    by anonymous on 2017-08-18
  • Many brands are nowadays like this, I think that even if the warranty time is not up to date, due to the mistakes caused by the fabrication, brand vehicles owners should call serwise and repair them for free. Some brands do this and sometimes I hear the brand and the brand car we prestige is the foundation
    by anonymous on 2017-08-18
  • The car is very problematic. I stayed in the problem with the insurance cable and the gearbox from the engine before 10.000 km was spent. Then I met the turbulence problem caused by the turbo fan or gearbox and the last problem with the vehicle sweating. segment averages. Wv golf, hyundai i30 looks like the same segment as the squad, but there is a big difference between these tools
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  • 1.2 visia automatic petrol intake January 16, 2017 at the average annual city average of 20 km do not fall below 13 liters on the road computer satisfaction of all of the vehicle's traction performance, twice the value of the factory gear shifts only one problem with a warehouse gasoline 300 km hard, this is normal if the value of 13 liters is worth the experience of other users
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  • I have also made the pulsar long made the vehicle open at 4.9 to 5.2 I'm burning at the moment the fuel is very visible at the moment but the engine needs to be opened and I'm now fine
    by anonymous on 2017-04-15
  • 1.2 teknam at first yes very close to me 4 times a long way to open the engine 180-190 cushions 4.8ile 5.4 now burns very satisfied with the widest class of vehicles in the car class at 6020 km the vehicle is fine
    by anonymous on 2017-04-15
  • I got it as second hand at 474 km. I use up to 11litre for hardcore use. But if you set the gas in the traffic flowing through the city and you press the gasket on the gas for 2 thousand cycles and you press it again, you will see that the average fuel consumption is 7.6 for this type of use. Suan 3400km vehicle. If the city discipline is 110km fast, it will be 4.3 gordum. Suan is fine, I use it by applying pressure pedal, I do not pass 9lt. You will understand that you are going to complete your journey. Respects
    by anonymous on 2017-04-24
  • comfort and equipment, I am very pleased with the way it is, but I do not know whether it is new as a fuel, it burns more fuel in stand-ups, but it really burns on long roads.
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  • I am using Nissan Pulsar 1,2 Xtronic Tekna. 5500 In urban sloping downhill use, it burns 8 lt. I think this is reasonable. The automatic gearbox is smooth and motor compatible. It is advantageous for others with its width and reasonable price. I saw 5-6 liters on intercity highway with 120 - 130 use. I think this is reasonable. As a result, I use an automatic car. If you use the turbo engines gently, it gives you economy. If you want performance it will give you it but it will take fuel as fuel. This applies to all brands of turbo engines. It's a very unpleasant situation to break down in the new car, but it's not just Nissan. We hear them in every brand car. I have used Nissan Primera for 12 years and I was very satisfied. Especially I am very satisfied with service and customer relations. In my preference this was also effective. I hope I'm wrong. I wish everyone who gets new cars and commenters to use their cars accidentally and with a good hand.
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  • I am very pleased with the car as a person with auto expertise who made 20,000 km up to 9 months with the Pulsar 1.5 techno model I bought in January 2017. Successful braking response to road-holding competitors is a very successful acceleration and fuel consumption criterion that should really be seen. Every day, as someone who makes 54 km of home work, he makes you forget when you got the last fuel. The interior lighting is a little dull and not the same as the indicator lights, but there is a technical explanation (like avoiding early fatigue) We knew a bit about turning off the indicator lights. My acquaintances from abroad have mastered all the details of the vehicle but it is a model that lacks promotion in Turkey. The services are related to a relevant day I buy Pulsar again.
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