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Nissan Murano Reviews and Ratings

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  • It is absolutely necessary to install a gasoline engine that can only be done half a million miles without problems. If the gas is to be injected, the catalytic converter must be inserted, since the combustion temperature in the gas is high, the fuel is returned to the engine, which is not completely burned, and the catalyst melts and the motor pistons become dirty. After that the engine is regained, the second hand engine is not in the parts. The press is burning
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  • Hello, today I came to Ankara to buy a 2005 model Murano. The car Prince brand lpg liar was attractive with clear faults and very low mileage. Can you talk a bit about your problem and what are the possible problems that I will encounter if you take this tool? Thank you from now
    by anonymous on 2017-04-11
  • hello i am using murano as an expatriate living in Germany and i am very much used to memcunum.porsche audiq7 but for the murano bambaska comfort the width of the road comfort komple very good music system bose great
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  • I am using a very pleasant and comfortable bi-lpg I have used 40 thousand km of the previous owner and I have not encountered any problem that I have used 20 thousand km. I have not heard any questions about lpg li and forums with almost same lpg li. I have not heard of any problems at all. 80 thousand euros plus VAT sold by that very little number came.
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