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Nissan Juke Reviews and Ratings

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  • It's the car I bought from your Nissan dealerships that I did not even know what the gas was. I still have no problems with my menus, but the narrow baggage behind me is not enough to go on holiday. I also noticed that while the sound insulation was good in the test drive, I probably heard a lot of road noise as the ears started to listen to the vehicle over time. Also, obviously, the problems I have with the gearbox that I read on the internet are the same thing. If I had the current mind, I'd take the diesel manuel. Both the engine and the transmission made my head more comfortable.
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  • the world's oldest type of the most ugly vehicles on the list of candidates to enter the first member of the automotive industry freak
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  • The 1618 cc 190-hp model can make 100 on 8 sides. Despite the fact that they had a very rapid annual tax disadvantage, they had absorbed the disadvantages of SCT at zero selling prices as much as possible. So it was close to 1.6.
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  • Too bad ... Do not give money to any model of Nissan IN in the near future. it is very disgraceful ...
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  • It's the worst car in the world.
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  • QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Most SUVs that will be replaced soon: Link
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