Mercedes S Series W220 Reviews

Mercedes S Series W220 reviews, ratings
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Mercedes S Series W220 Reviews and Ratings

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  • I have been using it with great pleasure for a year. It is the last point when MB is helix S. When you sit in the chair you feel you are in a very special vehicle for the last time. I use it for a short time now 320 and now 500. Both go and pull comfort is very special. I just bought the S500 for zero golf money for pleasure. Of course, it is not comparable to golf. For 500 I can say that the cost is not as extreme as you might think. As long as you use a mask. The pieces are expensive. it is a real result MB S Klass. You will also be an experienced master who understands Mercedes. Mercedes services are expensive. They do not even change the oil by 600-700 denier by filtration. However, the oil filter 300-350 can be settled. A normal vehicle now holds 200 workers. The tires are not very expensive anyway, and now even the new small cars use 16-17 wheels. These are similar prices. Four tires are taking care of 2000. Fuel is used in calm 14 in the city - 8 out of town. I would recommend Prins Tube. The use of motorways is the area where the car feels best, where you can play with all kinds of vehicles that you think is king of the road. This includes sports BMWs. the top speed is 250 limt but 250 is very comfortable and even at 250deg, it can be talked quietly. In short, the possibility of using such a tool should definitely use. You find yourself well-groomed.
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