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Mercedes GLS Reviews and Ratings

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  • New GL. But his name is GLS. It is a true giant with a 5.13cm length, 2.5 tonnes of empty weight. I think the GLS 350 cdi will be sold with a familiar 3 liter 258hp 620nm machine. GLS500'ya not leave the need for hardware and performance is real. But at the back there may be those who want to give you an extra 150billion TL to see the 500 posts.
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  • Giant premium SUV for real 7 people. prices are also giant ... 3 liter Diesel 612.800 TL 4.7 liter GLS500 Gasoline 709.500 TL 5.5liter GLS 63 AMG 982.500 TL
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  • Prices after the new ÖVT arrangement: 3 liters Diesel - 675000TL 4.7 liters GLS500 Petrol - 780000 TL 5.5liter GLS 63 AMG - 1080000 TL
    by elise111s on 2016-12-20

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