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Mazda 323 Reviews and Ratings

This page includes mazda 323 reviews, mazda 323 recommendations, customer review, comments, ratings, questions and answers about mazda 323 1999 mazda 323,1998 mazda 323,1997 mazda 323,mazda 323 ba,mazda 323 1.5 , What is mazda 323 ? Anyone using mazda 323 ? Should i buy 1999 mazda 323,1998 mazda 323,1997 mazda 323,mazda 323 ba,mazda 323 1.5 , Do you recommend mazda 323 and mazda 323 complaints.

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  • No air conditioning, no airbags and abs. There is also no result in F1 :) Bende 97 has 1.5 model. There are also nice abs air conditioners etc in the 1.8s. But with good and new tires abs is not a requirement either. The grip is very successful. It is very spacious inside. The pull is nice 90hp enough. the engine is quiet and smooth. Comfortable thanks to some 65 cheeky tires on the broken roads. There's no clutter in the interior. In fact, a lot of zero cars get in this way. But sound isolation is not successful. The road and the engine sound in. Come on. However, it is possible to handle these vibratory sounds with a few simple operations at very low cost. Btuself + firex application you will see google. It is a very effective method especially for old Japanese cars. There is no excess in Corolla. Of course 1.6 goes 114 hp that goes well apart. There are also 4 glass automatic rearview mirrors electrically.
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  • The baggage was soundproofed. Bituself + firex.taban, mudguard tops and pandisoft bottoms. Most of your voice went away. Even at 130, the bass is spoken casually cozy. Also if the fenders and armchairs are removed and the firefox bituself is applied to the tank, it will be like the series s ...
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  • The pressure pad was changed for the first time at 155,000 km. It seemed that ten more people did not turn hand in hand. All the parts are original and all screws are hooked on the 18th anniversary :). Car like a tas. The biggest deficiency is abs.
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  • 3 times a month 3 times a car from Ankara - Alanya (Konya road). In a majority of the average 130-140 of a full-gas vehicle (full load of 4 people plus baggage) I have a 97 model car that draws attention. A vehicle with zero antifreeze does not make a gram of heat. I am not curious about the feelings of Passat's owner for 100.000 TL. Although the slope has finally caught up to the end (700-800m later), but that's all. And this burned an average of 10lt of LPG on the full course. He could do 180 on the flat. At each descent we found 200s ... At that time it was originally 160000 and now there are 165 engines with a special engine like zero motor ...
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  • older vehicles are much more mechanical but much more stable
    by ironfist on 2016-08-01
  • Selamun aleykum brother. Is the vehicle you mentioned 1.5 / 1.8? I also think I get 323 1.8; model year and gli-glx-gl, which is better? How many thousand km is better? I am using the 1990 / 1.6 liftback, I am happy, but I have put these lines in Mazda :) I do not have the wisdom if you help me. Thank you in advance for your information.
    by anonymous on 2016-09-07
  • I write to the friend who asks the question below. These are the smoothest tools in Car 1.5. AMA 1.8 is 115 hp and it is very fast, usually fast teenagers prefer to find it because it is 1.5 times harder to clean.
    by anonymous on 2016-09-08
  • Selamun aleykum. First of all, thank you for your response .. 97 / 1.8 (190/230 km) as you think about the trouble. As far as Japanese engines, 400-500 thousand km 's life is long.
    by anonymous on 2016-09-08
  • In the survey of "WhatCar" magazine on 200 thousand vehicles in the UK, MAZDA took the first place on the least broken list of automobiles. Especially among second-hand cars, Mazda ranks first with fewer malfunctions in a survey conducted on 200,000 vehicles and 22 brands. Mazda Automobiles, which are determined to be very unlikely to malfunction, were examined in two parts as "durability" and "repair cost" and the result was the lead of Mazda. "If you're looking for a mile-long errant engine, do not look any further, because even some of the most famous brands could not get Mazda's record of 17 warrant requests in 100 vehicles," said Mazda. Although all the cars were very good, the sports car buyers could be comfortable on the wheels of the MX-5, which is the safest car in our research. " they give their cues.
    by elise111s on 2016-09-09
  • friends cat eyed mazda 1990 There are spare parts troubles for those produced between 1994 and now thanks to the automobile market and the automatic one
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  • The air conditioners of 97 are good. The air conditioners are not very efficient
    by elise111s on 2017-03-13
  • I have bought 323 hp of mazda but I am writing 1.8 glx abs in the license but I know that these models do not have 1.8 zi. I also know that the vehicle is a karibatörlü vehicle and I am mistakenly written my tax code is 66 tl. I did not look at the fuels how I did not measure the car 2 days ago I already bought my comments for your comments
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  • There is a 1.8 but an injecting and a very fast tool. There is also ABS and air conditioning. You may need to interrogate the engine code, which may be mis-written in the license or the engine may have changed. The 1.6 is also very good, but you need to look at the gas adjustment or engine maintenance etc ..
    by anonymous on 2017-03-24
  • MAZDA 323 FAMİLİA Ad No: 414779872 Friends What are your comments for this tool. Vehicle complex painted. No information about this car. Your comments are very important.
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  • I am a mazda 323 1.5 lpg li 1999 model 68.000 man in the middle of the 29.000 say you think normal paint changing damage is not recorded but I think that the price of the tool is normal
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  • If the price is high, you can bargain and buy.
    by anonymous on 2017-08-31

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