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For over forty years, Manhattan Life was content to rent office space, which was considered cheaper than buying real estate. In 1892, a majority of its board of directors decided that the firm should have its own home office. The company purchased two old buildings. With two years left on its lease as 156 Broadway, it prepared to build. In 1894, the company completed the first skyscraper in New York, and the tallest building in the world at the time: the Manhattan Life Insurance Building at 66 Broadway. Demolition was set to start February 1, 1893,but was delayed several weeks by a dispute - sometimes violent - with a retail tenant.Though originally planned for fourteen floors, it was ultimately constructed with 18, but having a two-story setback on Broadway. It was sold by the company in 1926, to Manufacturers Trust Company, though there is no indication that Manhattan Life moved out after the sale. The building was in turn sold two years later to Central Union Trust Company of New York, which promptly moved its headquarters there from down the block at 80 Broadway, so that it could sell the other building and adjacent buildings it owned to Irving Trust. Irving Trust built its much larger One Wall Street headquarters there, later buying 66 Broadway in order to build an extension of One Wall.

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    Recently just got diagnosed with having cancer. The company stated I had a pre-existing condition which I didn't proof came from the Oncologist. They cancelled my first-time diagnosis cancer policy with also a denial of a claim that I put in against it. Also, I have a long-term disability insurance with them and they stated I could never use that policy in the treatment of cancer. Any other claims against that policy would be a case by case review to make sure I didn't have pre-existing circumstances. I got an email directly from the underwriting team. It will be good in perfect shape and on no meds to have a chance for a claim with this company. I cancelled my policy. They are not getting another penny from me. One positive the workers there are nice.
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