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Lotus Elise Reviews and Ratings

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  • The real driver's car is a gabled car to understand the genre of asphalt directly on the road. The greatest feature is its superb curvature and feel. By using aluminum up to their screws, you can understand that Lotus is getting smashed about lightness especially at Elise. The mats do not have feet directly on the aluminum base. Its under 10cm is already under the pavement asphalt quickly. Hold your seats tightly around your waist. Pedals are aluminum. You will see bare cars instead of things called front chests, except for a few basic indicators, which will not bother you, but rather make you feel as if you are on a real track. The paddle reactions are at the bullet speed. There is also the contribution of the physical etiquette of being motorized from the front and lightening the back. Many are fairly balanced in high-speed rear breaks like motoring. The tires that come standard on the front are especially smaller than the front-most c-class cars. On the first takeoff, the relatively low power can not even pull out a skate, because high acceleration acceleration does not even give time ... Even 118hp can cause the neck to be ...
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  • Driving qualities, driving pleasure, purity, simplicity, directivity, naturalness ... have not changed since the 96th. It was just a bit overcrowded. 700 lousy pounds reached 950 pounds, 120 lp for 250 kg big hump for power ...
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  • The guys sell zero Elise. In the comments: Air Conditioning NVH Audio System Speed ​​Fixer ... :) Elise will take sound system to what alaka ?????? motor, power, torque, gearbox, weight, shock absorber detail, you need to know how to write them ... otherwise the air conditioning is not particularly desirable in a very pure racer ...
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  • A great photo that summarizes Elise. Link
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