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LG V20 Reviews and Ratings

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  • I think LG will make the biggest move with this phone. the impressions of the places that are being put on the market abroad are very good. lightweight aluminum shock absorber case design. The 5.7inch IPS screen is very successful. 4GB RAM and most important feature is 3200mAh and super bi phone comes with quick charging feature. With Android 7.0 Nougat, it has also built a very successful whole
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  • lg v10 i am getting regrets from the change in 2. lg v10 on my device has a ghostscreen burn screen problem with both. Do not mess with Lg 2800 went to waste and I could not use the device correctly. The first service lasted a full month during which my experience was very distressing. service and customer satisfaction are in a state of disgrace. I do not think it's contagious.
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  • The only audiophile phone on the market
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