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Koss ksc75 Reviews and Ratings

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  • Price performance headset ... Can be brought to around 50 tl from abroad. The sound quality found in Turkey is very difficult. But the sound is uninsulated, that is, the sound is also from the outside. Otobüste etc ... very annoying to listen with a loud voice. But the inside of the house etc ... is gorgeous ... At the same time, the sound is better than the mininum 250-300tl earphones without any overstatement. Link Stereophone / KSC75.jpg? Mw = 1000 & mh = 1000
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  • What is the price of Turkey. How does it deliver
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  • I do not know the price of Turkey need to investigate. Basler treble and mid frequencies are all very balanced and powerful. Good mp3 players are creating great wonders. I recommend Sansa clip.
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  • koss ksc75 bi-headset without the need to comment. It's hard to find better headphones unless you give 500TL. At the moment you can bring 70 TL to the cargo.
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