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  • The Jaguar XF is the best premium e segment car ... It does not resemble a Mercedes returning to the wonder of seeing a bend as it flows like oil on the road. sticks the road claws. The F10 is comfortable with the 5 series and even better in the bends. The inside is very elite, different. It is the vehicle to buy, but when you have 3 liters of beautiful diesel, escape from seeing 2.2 diesels ... Once those wheels do not go to the XF so that you get 2 liters higher than the tax charge.
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  • I agree with the new E series, especially when entering slow bends in slow speed, I am afraid that the automatic ESP brake is activated in every hard steering movement. We were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooung Prior to that there were c200 compressors, certainly the front side was getting better. But apart from that, there is no minus except for the narrowness of the back of the magnificent series from the new e everywhere. Autonomous driving comfort silence do not look at the XF in comparison with the level.
    by anonymous on 2016-10-11
  • After the 8-12-cylinder, vibration-free smooth-running engines that have always been on the edge of our minds, Jaguar is playing this XF with a sound and vibration so that it does not fit the Jaguar with both 4 diesels. Yes Jaguar now has a small (smaller than him) diesel in his new stomach. The diesel called ingenium, which we know from Land Rover, does not feel a bit of a performance with 180hp and 430nm torque, except for vibration and sound. In addition, there is no vibration in the first work after the obvious vehicle warms up and moves, but this is a Jaguar and the vibration and sound of that first one can be annoying when you have a Jaguar under you. In the meantime, the engine sound even after the gas is reflected in the gas is okay if you have a gasoline voice will taste, but the diesel sound is not nice. The new XF does not have good aspects, of course, too much: Bi times image is very good, less expensive than the 520d, interior is not as beautiful as the old Jaguars, but it is unique. Small details such as the circular gear control slowly rising from the floor, opening the ventilation ducts automatically add value. It would have been very good if it was not too far from the very large 5 series, but only about 2-3 cm from the rear head. The design is very dynamic strong and noble like the previous case. It's not a 5-series but a 7-series car. Especially at night the stoplars are very sophisticated. The gearbox is fabulous 8 forward and does not need to mention more than ZF. Electronic gear shifting is stable and intelligent. And the driving modes work very effectively. For example, in normal mode Fiat has city mode and the steering is like a feather. In other words, although it is not so, it reduces the burden of turning the steering wheel very much. Sport mode is full of steering and gas, so there is a lot of difference between the two modes. Like many vehicles, light steering is not like hardening but another steering wheel. The brakes and handling are amazing. Pirelli P Zerolar brakes, especially in brakes, are monotonous, and even at high speeds, the brakes feel great. The ingenium I have not liked since the moment of the first run left me admiring it. It took a week to finish the full 66-liter depot. 1 week Konya average (890km) 5.9liter! (okay, it has the advantage of being flat, but it is still very successful) The efficiency of the new generation motor and Jaguar's 1590 kilo empty weight are very effective. I do not think that it will exceed 8 liters in normal usage style in heavy traffic such as Istanbul or Ankara.
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  • Mercedes XF 2011 3000 engine 290 hp This car is called Maaşallah primarily say it is a car with a solid road grip to go on the road is a debatable vehicle for this engine and this horsepower is very stable related friends I can squeeze out other brands My stomach is leaving soon to be on sale I just put in service cause service is not in service in adana and we do long way but I would recommend to you with a shout Araçın premium luxuri en ful model gasoline 147000 partially exchanged 05362734642
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  • While driving, neither the audi nor the mercedes give a joy that you can not feel in e's. BMW is also enjoyable, but only in 2017 the new chassis can be both pleasant and comfortable. I think the previous bars are very hard and have obvious disadvantage of comfort. The XF can be thrown into the bends perfectly without being as hard as BMW, and even on old corral high roads, the control can go off without losing control. In the same bends, the two previous cases were uneasy at 530d. It is also a distinct pleasure to climb the lanes with its spectacular traction in absolutely other dimensions. The biggest minus of the XF is the sound of wind at a speed of 120degrees even though it has many nice features. I used the first cassette and loved it very much. I experienced the new cabin only in the city, obviously I felt very technological superiority in quality as I felt a lot of difference, I think I intervened in sound insulation. Because they complained about the wind noise in foreign forums. Jaguar absolutely ignored this criticism. This is my XF experience for now. I am going to add some more about the tools I am using.
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