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Iphone 6s Reviews and Ratings

This page includes iphone 6s reviews, iphone 6s recommendations, customer review, comments, ratings, questions and answers about iphone 6s , What is iphone 6s ? Anyone using iphone 6s ? Should i buy , Do you recommend iphone 6s and iphone 6s complaints.

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  • Iphone is the latest smartphone that will soon be tableted
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  • the most important innovation of the previous model is the touch of the touch which is also on the apple's clock, that is, the sensitivity of the touch pressure has been increased, that is, the new menu is opened according to the severity of the screen, and whatsApp, instagram and facebook applications have already been harmonized. Another important feature is that the sensors are always on, so when you say hey siri on the phone, the phone wakes up and does what you want.
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  • the friend bought the phone the first day received the device is very nice nice brother in installments phone did not know the value of 24 months. but I switched on the camera in slow motion mode when going to the clock 70 in the car. I could not believe it when I watched as if the car was stopped and the pictures on the outside could be taken even for that feature.
  • I brought the iphone 6s from the Far East, the price is reasonable for Turkey but not very cheap for those who are in the iphone receiving expectant maalsef.
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  • Enjoy trying out other brands
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  • The phone you can call. It closes in the cold, it closes in the heat. sarji is not good. whats iphone. The camera is no longer perfect. samsung also makes htc de lg also beautiful cameras. Apple needs to be more careful after that
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