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  • Entering the Turkish market with 2 engine options Dizel not yet suv. 1.6 atmospheric gasoline direct-drive front-wheel drive and 1.6 turbo petrol model 7-speed automatic 4 * 4 on sale with 2 basic versions. The car offers almost everything with 1.6 turbo 4 * 4 otm version in particular. The complex is a standard glass roof, for example. or automatic parking pilot, 4 seat ventilation and cooling. This version is around 115billion TL. Hyundai has improved a lot of quality. In the comparative tests, the new i20 has achieved many class awards following the high success of the i30. Likewise, the new Tuscon has succeeded in reducing the number of gear competitors such as the Tiguan, Kuga, etc., with the exact equipment, quality and price it has, and has become the first in the class. The new Tiguan is not known if it will change the job, but even if it does change, it is not enough to overshadow the great success of Tuscon. It is not a prophecy to say that the new Tiguan will not be able to beat this hardware and price ratio. The new Tuscon has a generally successful infrastructure. Sesten is very quiet and comfortable with well insulated cabinet and well-tuned suspension. The design is generally chic and elite. It's a classic hyundai actually coming to the engines. They can produce low-volume high power with high-tech engines, but I think it's a mistake to force a 1.6-horsepower engine into such a muscle. It is not easy to burn under 9-10 liters especially in the city with this engine which naturally needs a high turn even if you go a bit fast. Of course it goes down below these values ​​with very quiet driving, but it is debated whether it is so cold and stressful and worth the time. As I said, neither this engine nor the weakness of the vehicle is a result of this cheaply flashy car sales strategy. The 1.6 turbo can ignore the similar scenery with its ability to go fast, but it is also a fact that it loves fuel more. Hyundai needs a really successful 1.6 diesel engine And such an engine is what I need most in the new tuscon ...
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  • Meanwhile, in addition to the previous comment, the safety equipment and reserves of the vehicle are also very good. The NCap evaluation is very successful and the IIHS is also very good. The closest competitor also has a price advantage for the platform sibling Sportage. There is no 4 * 4 system like a Subaru, so the ability to transmit power to each one is weak, which is awfully needed. Nobody will push on the ground though it is separate. Link
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  • I get a new Tiguan from Hyundai better ...
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  • :)) tucson, wolswagenin place 10 cm high SUV-looking golf course in the air ..
    by anonymous on 2017-01-27
  • I think I will take this car from nearest cmax 2012 I have a car but tocson baska
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  • I have got an elite automatic. I have a question about fuel. I am happy if there is someone who looks at the LPG. I am making 10 or 15 thousand kilometers on the road. Do you need lpg interlocking.
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  • my dear friend my prens brand lpg I installed a bit expensive but it saved 50% fuel no petrol burning direct with lpg lpg liquefies it gives me no trouble i only live in 5-6 days when the car is overtaken sometimes the starter does not take much time is not a nuisance the place was very important to the service I took to admire montage this gasoline does not grow lpg condition
    by anonymous on 2017-01-25
  • The saddle is 15.000 km per year, I think they wear it very well in hyundai services and I did not put it in my first tucson user but at 10 km of 100 km,
    by anonymous on 2017-03-11
  • I think about getting fuel in the city
    by anonymous on 2017-08-23
  • Today we have a turbocharged elite who is very close to our neighbors. Use good times. The inside is very spacious comfortable and very quiet. I would not expect a Hyundai such car
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  • 1 month ago I bought a 4 × 4 Dct turbo 1.6 elite package. I installed the service te landirenzo lpg. Inside the city 35 kr. Fare 28 kr. They said they burned. Currently the car is new and I use it in the city for 42 kr. being fat. The equipment is quite adequate and shaped. The tire prices for 19 inches vary from 500/1000. The LPG injector is making a sudden sound as it clicks while puffing. This is more evident in cold weather. When we stand in front of the car, this sound is heard. Your computer gearbox can ruin your morale in the crowded traffic on the city. I need to know how to use it. Having a star stop on vehicles that use this gearbox type solves the problem. Unfortunately there is no star stop in Tucson. If you get the Dct gearbox warning, you should take 3/5 min. Just relax the vehicle p or n.Service is not a situation. It is normal. I think this fiyata is the most beautiful suv that can be bought.
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  • The same problem exists in the jetta DSG. As you say, the dry concealer is warmed up and restored. Despite the fault, the double traffic congestion does not come to a halt in the crowded traffic.
    by anonymous on 2016-12-16
  • Hello, I am satisfied
    by anonymous on 2016-12-16
  • I'm thinking of buying it from this car, but I guess I'm an LPG taker for fuel. But when the lpg is fitted, the engine malfunctions like an ignition system, and they are out of warranty. Is this true? Did you experience any difficulties after lpg tak ??
    by anonymous on 2017-01-17
  • The material quality is better than the tiger
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  • Hello friends, we have to stop the car at 20%, 30% on the way to the R, we have to stop the car four times, we have to stop the car, we have to stop the car a month after we received the car, we were facing this problem, service is normal, bi said it would not be a problem. What are your ideas? Arac 2016 elit plus 1.6 petrol
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  • The structure of the double concepts is normal. 2 warning already warm-up and very warm-up warning. You need to cool the 2nd heat for 10 minutes. If you do not refrigerate, cool it by locking it idle :)
    by anonymous on 2017-07-13
  • There is no vehicle in the ramp. You should change the direction of the vehicle and park it with the ball. Your Honeymoon
    by anonymous on 2017-07-29
  • 1.6 TURBO 4X4 DCT TUCSON I own the 2016 elite vehicle. I just bought landrenzo LPG. I use it for about 4 months. I am glad to have installed lpg. Benzini city is drinking about 12 liters. LPG solves the job with 35% savings. I also use LPG as well. I did not see any difference in performance. The interior and exterior of the vehicle is fine. the quality of the material is moderate. If we come to DCT transmission; It's not like a flare on departures. The car is trying to take off the 2nd Vitesta. this is for 1-2 sec. I mean delay. it is not a problem for some. After the departure, 177 hp power is showing up. If the gearbox comes warming warning. I received 2 warnings. At first I stopped on a sloping road and got warnings that I often made. the road was available. 2 minutes. I waited warning. I was parked one time by maneuvering back and forth a lot. I got the gearbox warm warning. you should not be disturbed by these warnings. because: what a beautiful vehicle warns. Use the gear in a fun way or I'm getting warm. you can find detailed usage on some sites. this early warm-up warning of DCT gearbox is not a service fault condition. What a nice car warning. I use a little bit of modesty, or the conditions have forced me to say a little rest. Which is not a constant problem. If you like the car, do not mind the DCT gearbox. the only missing star / stop feature I see on the vehicle. there is no other missing (that is, they are proportionate to their money)
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  • My vehicle burns 11.2 liters at 100 km.2016 tucson 1.6 (4x4)
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  • Hello dear Tucson owners. I also want to get tucson but I have read very negative comments about the engine. Especially about the ax. There are various troubles in the vehicles that are very uninterested. Obviously frightened. After all, not less than 100 thousand pounds vericem. Actually I want crv but you can get the 2012-2013 model. But the Tucson is both better equipped than the ZERO 2012 model of a car. Were you able to write your positive and negative comments as your valuable users. THANK YOU
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  • We have the elite plus in the first one is too much but in 6 6 8 9 10 gas
    by anonymous on 2017-05-01
  • slm 2006 model 4x4 automatic I have been using for 1 year industry service nedir do not know fuel comfort confidence single word perfect excellent
    by anonymous on 2017-05-21
  • I looked at both kia sportage and hyundai tucson before getting the new tiguan. I think both the quality and the workmanship are excellent. I think quality sentiment is better than Volkswagen. But when it comes to engines, volkswagen does not compete. That's why I prefer tiguan. I think Tucson's 4x4 diesel generator is a good seller, but it is hard to choose with this gasoline consumption. Consumption at 120 km / h on long road with tiguan is between 6.1-6.3 liters. It's hard to catch this with Tucson.
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  • Bnm 2016 model
    by anonymous on 2017-05-02
  • I came with 1 warehouse from nevşehir to nevşehir between 201 km stile model 90 90 km and there was a writing in 165 km more
    by anonymous on 2017-05-02

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