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Hyundai i20 Reviews and Ratings

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  • so so...
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  • Absolutely sense must be taken. It is worth 2000 TL. They also made it like a stone to keep the old i20's going. That's been abandoned by that mistake. But the grip is still good and the sdaha is comfortable. The diesel burns a little. The performance is certainly enough. Hyundai has increased the quality a lot. It snaps comfortably.
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  • Produced in Turkey
  • Class is the best car. As a matter of fact, this classroom is very large. 4 of us went to relaxed holiday. The climate is cooling very quickly
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  • The faster the technology is improving, the faster the automobile world is moving at the same speed. It did not come to my mind 10 years ago that a small class Corelin could produce a car in top standards as a hardware and technology that could deliver as smooth and quiet as this new i20. The i20 ride is not exaggerated to say that the interior spaciousness class sets the standards for comfort. Do not think of a trawl because I talked a lot about the car. You are entitled to read the testimonials of the tests on the native foreign studies.
  • the new i20 has interior and exterior material in C or even d-segment quality.
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  • It has amazing features. The steering is both depth and height adjustable, which is difficult to find in this class. The command controls are very stylish and the touch and feel of the work feel is a lot like a german car. Their dimensions are on the b segment and have the longest wheelbase. Therefore, the interior is closer to the c segment. The luggage is also closer to the c-segment with 300 liters. The engine (1.2 dvvti) is very quiet and the pull is well below 84 hp. I think lpg is a bi-machine with cost-oriented engines but lpg is not needed. 6 liters in city for quiet use. It burns 4.5 to 5 liters outside the city.
  • I got a new car. First of all better be yours. Hyundai has made a very high quality production. Vehicle workmanship has been engineered in the choice of material time. Start the motord. It's very quiet and very light to turn around. In the meantime, there is a 1.2 model with a BRC bagel attached. It burns between 5.6 and 6.6 liters in city use. I could not get any higher. A real economist. I think it is the most sensible tool that can be bought at the moment. The BRC simit tüple is 40 TL and has an internal (lpg 2.33) in the city of Ankara with a route of 250-300km and traffic. Moreover, there is an inner width and silence that is not related to the small class.
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  • The parking lot has released a nice test. definitely a very wasteful tool
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