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Honda HR-V Reviews and Ratings

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  • 1.6 The most full model with 120 laps is required to sell at a high price of 105bTL but it will not sell because we are foreign to hr-v and because it is not diesel automation
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  • This vehicle's engine, even the material used in interior design, height, interior volume, roadholding and fuel consumption for even less words of comfort. It's a lousy lady's car.
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  • take your kashkapi dear)
    by anonymous on 2017-06-08
  • The vehicle is a complete fiasco everywhere .. If the motor is a milton ... Do not ....
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  • I do not participate in the interior material and design and for the grip. For the first acceleration in your car's engine performance expectancy - compared to the sporty look - a little slower, which varies from person to person.
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  • The luggage and back seat is larger and spacious than the equivalent of the knee.
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  • You either use this car or you write a negative post, then write a comment
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  • When you sit inside your car, you feel like an airplane. When you drive a car please do not talk to me.
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