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    I recommend Freeze2Trim to anyone interested in losing belly fat. The package comes with a body fat measuring tool kit with a tape measure, so you can track your progress. I started at 30 minutes for two days in a row. After that, I jumped up to an hour. What a difference, you can almost see the results immediately. Just make sure and try to have a balanced diet. Do not splurge just because you found the secret weapon for belly fat. Within two weeks I lost approximately 2" off of my belly.
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    This system is so freaking amazing! I had used it for a few days. So far, I’ve lost a half-inch around my waist. The kit includes fat percentage, massager and of course the fat freezing system itself. I really love Freeze2Trim.

    If you had a hard time struggling with fat loss in your waist, this will definitely help you. This system is pretty easy to use.

    Just lay the mini ice packs in the freezer over night and make sure to lay them flat though!
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