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Renault Clio 4 RS reviews, ratings
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Renault Clio 4 RS Reviews and Ratings

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  • 1.618cc with a 2.0 tax slip in the car from the beginning to lose. The vehicle that gave up the manual gearbox that suits the RS and supposedly went through the fast double-clutch transmission. All foreign tests have lower scores than the old CLIO. Clio is just trying to keep the RS line up with a successful grip. Like I said, maybe the only increment is the awesome cornering ability of the old Clio, the steering wheel. If you are under 1.6, you will be hand-held and lost with 18 cc ...
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  • In the meantime I passed Turbo and lost my beautiful atmospheric feelings. Whether or not the gas response has reduced the sharpness and the old two-liter atmospheric engine compared to the high-speed-loving structure, the effect of krexenko remains ...
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  • I agree. But the track-centered menu on the in-vehicle screen was very enjoyable, like the GT-R, the accelerometer was an unknown oil temperature, acceleration times, track time ...
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  • 0-100 acceleration
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  • Comparative 5th gear test
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  • Pay attention to the fog lights of Trophy version. They made Fardan logo ...
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  • by elise111s on 2017-08-12

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