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  • The citol film tablet is administered as a single dose daily. can be taken at any time of day, regardless of the intake of nutrients. adults; citol is started as a single oral dose of 20 mg / day, usually 40 mg / day. the dose increments should be 20 mg dose intervals and should not occur in less than 1 week. depending on the severity of the individual response and depression of each patient, the dose can be up to 60 mg / day. the recommended dose for older patients (older than 65 years) elderly patients is 20 mg. 40 mg can be achieved in patients who do not respond. Dosage adjustment is not necessary in case of kidney function, in which the reduced kidney function is mild or moderate. there is no information on the treatment of patients with significantly reduced renal function (creatinine clearance <20 ml / min). Decreased liver function The recommended dose for most patients with impaired liver function is 20 mg. 40 mg can be achieved in patients who do not respond. children; this population is not recommended because reliability and efficiency are unknown. The duration of treatment is usually antidepressive, usually within 2-4 weeks. treatment with antidepressants is symptomatic and should continue to use for 6 months or more to prevent relapses. In patients with recurrent depression (unipolar), admission treatment should be continued for several years to prevent new attacks. the drug should be discontinued within a few weeks when the treatment is discontinued. dose inception: symptoms; citol; Symptoms / symptoms recorded when taken alone in overdose; drowsiness, coma, seared face expression, grand - mal seizure, sinus tachycardia, sweating, nausea, vomiting, cyanosis, hyperventilation. no cases have resulted in death. the clinical appearance is not consistent. treatment; there is no specific antidote. treatment is symptomatic and supportive. gastric lavage should be done as soon as possible after oral intake. \ n
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  • I will go to the doctor and get the information and start to get rid of this illness and I will not be the side effect and I will be ill. :(
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