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Chrysler 300 C Reviews and Ratings

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  • I used the 2007 model Hemi, 5.7L, 340hp vehicle for 3-4 years and then sold it in 2011. It was easy to accelerate without any effort, and it was fun to put it back on the seat, which made me say that I have not used a car until today, using 8 cylinders. Slowly it closed 4 cylinders, so it could go up to 25 mpg when it was economical, it was going to 15 miles with 1 gallon in the normal press. I did not dare to go any faster because the gap in the steering wheel was reduced by 120 miles, but it was a car like a tank. The nickname is Bentley, the poor man.
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  • bende 2008 3.0 crd there was a very real fame to accelerate vs accelerate very good 510nm torque on the market is not in vehicles under 500binl tl. the quality is not very good quality of the inner material is better than the skoda superb but I think it would not be an obstacle to the vehicle if the material would have been a good bentley :) I think the tool to take again
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