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Audi Q5 2.generation reviews, ratings
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Audi Q5 2.generation Reviews and Ratings

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  • Yen came out in Turkey soon sells. A new Q5 follows the steps that Gunes Q7 follows. It's a vehicle that's more than the old one in every direction. It will be very successful. At first it was light, the design was more dynamic. The inside was even wider. Fuel consumption has decreased, performance has improved. The price will not change much. Q5 will catch good sales in the class .....
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    The new Audi Q5 sits quickly on top of compact premium SUVs. Gorgeous interior, very high quality materials and workmanship, spacious interiors and design are the most important enhancements to the summit. In general, the optional high-tech equipment is very successful, but it is so expensive. Will the new Q5 be taken? Buying a well-equipped Tiguan without the blood on behalf of Audi will leave a lump sum in your pocket. Moreover, in terms of performance, internal widths, quality, driving dynamics will not be left behind. It would be the biggest hesitation if we could get it.
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  • both the car and the ad are super
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