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Audi Q2 Reviews and Ratings

This page includes Audi Q2 reviews, Audi Q2 recommendations, customer review, comments, ratings, questions and answers about Audi Q2 2017 audi q2 1.0 tfsi,2017 q2 1.6 , What is Audi Q2 ? Anyone using Audi Q2 ? Should i buy 2017 audi q2 1.0 tfsi,2017 q2 1.6 , Do you recommend Audi Q2 and Audi Q2 complaints.

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  • I finally decided to get q2 ... NET .. I hope the appropriate colors come
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  • Unfortunately, only 1.4 150hp models were sold in Turkey. Moreover, there is no manual option. Single engine, single gearbox ... The new eutectic has increased the price of Q2. The price that could be 120-125 now starts at $ 140000. (60% ETV) There are 3 package choices, dynamic, sport and design. Sport and Design 143000TL
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  • I am very happy to recommend it :)
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  • Hello there. Which engine did you get? Which one is it? If you are tsi, can you write your comments?
    by anonymous on 2017-02-03
  • On 03.02.2017 I received a delivery of 1.4 hp dsg 1.4 .. It is very good performance .. There is no such thing as a gear .. If you do not force it very much like oil .. You do not understand the gear change .. Bende desing package .. The equipment is sufficient .. Sunroof , led headlights, audiovisual system, return camera, etc. There are features ... A tool that can be recommended in short .. Of course the price is a little too much for me .. But the norms of today are not wrong because of the brand name.
    by anonymous on 2017-07-15
  • though binsek :)
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  • Ok thank you 5pelr566ll already and it's happening
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  • Hey, do you think the 1000 motor would be 116 horsepower weak,
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  • As you may already know, the 1000 engine offers the advantage of traction with high torque, which is overfeeded and therefore premature. Octavia owners who use the same engine found too much to expect from this motord. Even in the parking lot test, they are very satisfied with the traction and even the voice of the 3-cylinder engine gives pleasure. The Octavia is not very different with the 1250kg q2, so there is not much traction difference.
    by elise111s on 2017-08-13

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