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  • I wonder how it will be what will happen if the apple headphones are not in the cable first thought napcaz will fall to the next and then the cable does not fall already diosn but still depends on the ear. exits when running, for instance. Then you get to find a car. I think Apple has had the least reaction in its last launch. Nokian's collapse may be like if they do not follow the change properly.
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  • now it 's okay to think small ok, we need to charge it OK but we do not know it without trial. these guys have thousands of testers who test them. Maybe it's going to break ground. maybe it does not come out because it is light and there is no cable. If the charge goes too long, why not use it

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    This can be thought of as an introduction to what happens in every film. the purpose here is to listen to music and not fall off while running. the purpose here is to double click and put the joke into action. to spread command. the interest in voice command systems was far behind expectations. they have improved very much as technology, but its use is not so widespread. With Siri you can turn the music on and off. mail and send it to someone you want, it can be a really nice device
  • It will hold more than you anticipate. a decision like this revolution is criticizing everyone, but we will see what happens when we really use it
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  • apple store price 779,00 TL beats headset buy this fiya
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  • If the quality of the sound quality of the perfect earphone already siri or something to use it already has a bluetooth kit in the car anyway. so for what purpose do they use it at home
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  • I still did not use the headset. I think this is a feature like siri but it is not indispensable.
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  • I still do not see someone
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