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Acumatica is a company leading cloud ERP solution for mid and big-sized companies. It's adaptable cloud solution including Financial, Distribution Manufacturing, Project Accounting, Field Service, Commerce Edition, Construction Edition and CRM. It's a unique Cloud ERP platform.

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    it's a cloud based ERP system including CRM, account, inventory management. You can see all workflow in the same software.
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    Nice overview about Acumatica
  • 5 / 5
    Easy to understand comparing its big competitor such as SAP. Cloud-based is a big benefit with updates, fast service time, high performance and accessible realtime from any remote device
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    having a CRM is a platform free and easy to adapt because there is no real trade connection and you can choose or change whatever you want but when it comes to choosing an ERP solution it's a really tough decision that affects every side of production, inventory, accounting etc.. Acumatica does it as easy as a simple CRM module using a cloud computing approach. he is the leader in his market.
  • Very stable software family
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